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Department of Financial Law

Prof. Marina V. Sentsova (Karasyova)Head

Assistant to the Dean for international cooperation,
Doctor of Law,  professor,
Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education

The Department of the Financial Law was founded at the Law faculty on 26th January, 2006 after the reorganization of Department of Administrative, Municipal and Financial Law.

The Department of Financial Law is the base for Voronezh school of financial law, headed by M.V. Sentsova (Karasyova). Nowadays, the scientific work of the Department is concentrated on the analysis of property and promissory relations in financial law. It also includes looking at material and procedural non-property financial-legal relations. Close attention is paid to objects of financial relations, mainly, to money.

The Department of Financial Law issues educational literature on its main subjects. This literature is by the Ministry of Educationand Science of theRussian Federation as manuals for students of higher educational institutes who study law.

The Department issues The Annual Journal of the Russian Branch of the Centre of Information and Organization of the Public Finance Research and Fiscal Law of the Central and Eastern European countries.

The international cooperation of the Department is carried out by the following contracts and agreements:

  • The Cooperation Agreement between Kazakhs humanitarian-legal university (Kazakhstan, Аstana) and Voronezh state university, aimed at the development of the international cooperation in educational and scientific research area as well as teachers and students exchange programs.
  • The Cooperation Agreement between the National Centre of legislation and legal research for the Republic of Belarus (Belarus,Minsk) and Voronezh state university, maintaining the cooperation in important areas of the parties’ work with the aim of solving their scientific and practice problems.
  • The Contracton Cooperation between the university of City of Belostok (the Republic of Poland) and Voronezh state university, aimed at the cooperation in the area of joint scientific research and execution of didactic projects in the area of joint interests; the organization of synallagmatic symposiums, workshops and scientific conferences, assistance in qualification upgrades and qualification development of the faculties; mutual teachers and students exchange programs; exchange of scientific information and publications in the research areas of the parties.
  • The Cooperation Agreement between the Banking School of City of Gdansk (Poland, Gdansk) and Voronezh state university, aimed at the organization and execution of joint research projects; preparation of joint publications; taking active part in workshops and conferences organized by one of the parties or both of them.
  • The Contracton academic cooperation between the Law faculty of Universityn.a. Masaryk (CzechRepublic , Brno) and the Law faculty of Voronezh state university, aimed at cooperation in the forms of publications exchange and access to publications in journals, issued by the parties; invitations to and taking part in international conferences and workshops, organized by the parties; joint publications; qualification developing exchange programs for teachers and experience exchange in areas of pedagogical and scientific work; students’ exchange programs, developing education and academic research; partnership in realization of international projects.
  • The Contracton International Cooperation between Zheshouvskyuniversity (Poland, Zheshouv) and Voronezh state university, aimed at carrying out of joint scientific research, teachers’ and students’ exchange programs, exchange of educational programs, as well as experience exchange in the area of educating students and young teachers.

The Department of Financial Law organizes various scientific and science-to-practice conferences. Ones of the most significant are the following:

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