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International relations

Prof. Marina V. SentsovaProf. Marina V. SENTSOVA


Location: pl. Lenina, 10a, Office 702
Tel: +7 (473) 255-84-79

Dmitriy GalushkoDmitriy GALUSHKO
Law Faculty's Commissioner for international cooperation,
PhD, Associate Professor


E-mail: galushkodv@gmail.com

The Law faculty participates in association agreements between VSU and overseas higher education institutes:

The parties of these association agreements organize and take part in international conferences, scientists exchange programs, students study placements programs.

The Law faculty takes part in the following contracts and agreements:

On the level of subdivisions we successfully cooperate with:

The Law faculty has organized and carried out the following international conferences:

  • International research-to- practice conference «The Development of Procedural legislation: for the fifth anniversary of force of  АPC PF, CPC RF and the RF federal law  "Оn mediation courts in the Russian Federation"», dedicated to T.E. Abova’s jubilee . Voronezh, 15th–16th February 2008.
    Foreign participants: Belousov U.V. (Ukrain), Gusarov К.V. (ukrain), Fennich V.P. (Ukrain).

  • V International workshop «The Roman law and the Contemporaneity». Voronezh, 25th–30th Ocober 2008 .
    Foreign participants: Konstantin Tanev (Sofia, Bulgaria), Guodong Shu (Sianin, China), Guzhva Anton (Kharkov, Ukrain).

  • International science-to-practice conference, dedicated to 50th anniversary of the Law department of Voronezh State university  «Legal Reforms in Contemporary Russia: the importance, results and the perspectives». Voronezh, 20th – 21th November 2008

  • International science-to-practice conference «The development of mediation in Russia: theory, practice, education», 7th –8th April 2011.
    Foreign participants: Zdrock О.N. (The Republic of Belarus), Krivchik L.R. (the Republic of Belarus), Kulack  S.М. (the Republic of Belarus ).

  • International science – to- practice conference «The contemporary problems of the tax law», 3th–6th September 2007 .
    Foreign participants from Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Finland. 36 people in total.

The membership in foreign societies, international organizations, committees

  • Velichkova О.I. Member of the International society of family law.

  • Professor Starilov U.N. for 11 years has been a member of the committee, annually studying the issuers of enforcement to citizens of the Russian Federation. He enthusiastically does scientific research as well as political and business activities. His is a real modern leader, the winner of scholarship, paid by German Fund nrактивно занимающимся научной, политической или предпринимательской деятельностью и имеющим ярко выраженные качества современного лидера, the winner of the scholarship paid by German fund n.a. Alexander von Humboldt on German Boundeskancler program.

  • Professor Karaseva (Sentsova) М.V. is a member of European Association of professors of tax law  (Аmsterdam, Nederland).

  • Professor Karaseva (Sentsova) М.V. is also a member of the Research Center of public finance and tax law of the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (Poland).

  • Professor Каraseva (Sentsova) М.V. is the director of Russian branch of multinational organization” Research Center of public finances and tax law in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe” (the branch is bases in VSU).

Foreign students at the faculty

  • 25 people (non-CIS countries);
  • 24 people (CIS countries).
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